Letter Home: Week #1


Dear Barney and Bubbles,

Mommy is fine, and misses you so much. Make sure that you keep that nasty pet sitter in line, that the litter gets changed and that you get half a can of Star Kist Chunk Lite tuna on Tuesdays, like we always have. If this doesn’t happen, you know what to do. Mommy Zazzy taught you well, my babies.

Stay out of Mommy’s closet, now. Don’t want to see anything happen to you!

Love you, my sweet little muffins!

-Mommy Zazzy

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  1. Mammys,

    You will pay a dear price for abandoning us to the whims of Miss Wigglefuzz. She believes cats should be bathed at least once a day. With a mixture of Palmolove, lye, and lemon juice.

    A dear, dear price Zazzy.

    Also, have you opened your footlocker yet? Bubbles put something special in there for you, Mommy Dearest.

    Barney Fitzhugh McGiggles

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